The Adoption Racket and Abortion

Alan Davis
3 min readJul 25, 2022

I’m shocked. What a world we’re leaving to our kids.

If a woman gets pregnant — or, in Ohio, a 10-year-old child gets raped — she’s told, in the bad states, that she’s a slave who has to carry the fetus to term whether she wants to or not. Where I come from, a country called America that once had a reputation for freedom, that’s called slavery. In the Constitution, it’s called involuntary servitude and it’s forbidden criminal behavior. (Or used to be, when we were a free country.)

And here’s the kicker. When adoption industry executives and their investors think of women and actual babies (as opposed to an unviable fetus), they don’t see human beings with minds and bodies of their own: they see inventory. The adoption racket has been instrumental in engineering laws in bad states to outlaw a woman’s right to bring an unwanted, early pregnancy to an end because they want to profit from involuntary servitude and increase their inventory of infants. (Watch for Black Friday sales, prospective parents!)

For my advice to women placed in such a bind, skip to the last three paragraphs.

There’s liberty and there’s license. Many of you reading this, if you’re anti-choice, are committing crimes against women (and against children as young as ten!). You’re not interested in liberty or freedom; you’re determined to punish women who have sex because the thought of any woman living a life of her own without your version of God interfering with it makes you red in the face (and in other places that I won’t get into right now).

If ‘pro-life’ zealots (who are actually ‘anti-choice’ and misogynist) like you are so serious about protecting the unborn, why aren’t you clamoring for generous paid parental leave (a year, I’d say), subsidized child care, and a government stipend attached to every child until that child reaches the age of 21?

Here’s what I say to women forced to remain pregnant:

Forcing you to have a child is criminal behavior in God’s eyes and also unconstitutional because it’s involuntary servitude (slavery), which is why early-term abortions will, sooner or later, be legalized again nationally. Among others with interest in forcing you into involuntary servitude, the adoption racket has lobbied unelected judges and corrupt politicians because they want inventory. It’s all about the money.

The anti-choice crowd is so obviously corrupt that we smack our foreheads in disgust; they don’t care about kids, they want to control the sex lives of women and make them ‘pay’ for enjoying sex. It’s not only Puritanism run amuck, though; it’s all about the money.

Give up a child for adoption? Why in hell should you do that? If you’re forced to have a child and asked to give it up, I advise you to show the adoption racket your middle finger or make them pay through the nose for nine months of hard labor. Amen. God is on your side.